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Updated  October 1, 222  1335 CDT


USCG Amateur Radio Club Officers and By-Laws 


Officers of the USCG Amateur Radio Club  
President and Net Manager Richard Anderson KE7A USCG 65 - 69
Vice President Nick Stichick AL7DD USCG 68 - 73
Secretary/Yeoman Rick McCusker WF6O USCG 70 - 77
Board Member Fred Goodwin K7LF USCG RETIRED
Board Member Bob Spera W2EUU USCG 65 - 69
Board Member Dennis Shirrel K7DCG USCG RETIRED
Board Member Royce Garrett WB4CRM USCG RETIRED
Board Member Bob Schweikert N4NMK USCG RETIRED
Board Member Bill Verge KK4INP USCG RETIRED
Board Member Tim Harris W6RMC USCG RETIRED
Board Member Wray Dudley AB4SF USCG 70 - 74
Board Member Gary Rosenau KW4YQ USCG 70 - 78
Board Member Mike Hollyday N3OUE USCG 66 - 70
Board Member Kevin Hedgepeth NB7O USCG RETIRED


By-Laws for the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club

1 October 2008 

Purpose: This document contains By-Laws for an existing organization known as the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club. Our members wish to share their experiences with other Coast Guardsmen and -women, and it is to this purpose that we have established the CGARC, an association consisting of currently serving, retirees, or former members of the U.S. Coast Guard, regular or reserve, who are amateur radio operators licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate radio equipment for use during emergencies and as a means of recreation. The CGARC serves as an on-the-air meeting place for those who qualified for membership in the club.

Eligibility for Membership: There are two irrevocable membership requirements: (1.) Honorable service in the U.S. Coast Guard, regular or reserve, and (2.) Possession of a valid amateur radio license issued by the FCC.

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Merchant Marine radio officers, or any other similar persons, are not eligible for membership in the CGARC, but are welcome to participate in on-the-air activities as a Guests or Visitors.

Any person who fulfills those two membership requirements is encouraged to fill out an application for membership at web address, or write to: Rick McCusker, WF6O. Applications will be reviewed by the Yeoman for approval. Any application submitted to the Yeoman, but in the Yeomans opinion requires further review, shall be forwarded to the Members of the Board by E-mail for approval or denial. In those instances, after considering the comments, the decision of the President of the Board shall be deemed final. An appeal by the applicant may be submitted to the President of the CGARC if he/she feels there is additional information that may have a bearing on the approval of membership, but there will be no exception to these two absolute requirements for membership.

Officers and Members of the CGARC will not, at any time, discriminate against participation in the CGARC on-the-air operations by any other properly licensed amateur radio operator.

 Board Members: The CGARC shall be governed by a Board of Members elected by the membership. Elections shall be held whenever a vacancy occurs in a position on the Board of Members. If a member of the Board chooses to vacate his/her position, or who dies in office, a temporary replacement may be appointed. To fill the vacancy, a general polling by the President of the CGARC, by any means he chooses, shall be conducted. Upon conclusion of this polling by the President, the replacement will announced as a permanent member.

Duties of the Office Holders:

President: The President is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CGARC. The President shall be the final authority of any matter effecting the administration of the CGARC call sign W5CGC.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall be available to assist the President with advice and assume the duties and responsibilities of the President should the President become temporarily unable to carry out his/her duties and/or responsibilities.

Secretary/Yeoman: The Secretary/Yeoman shall keep the member-ship records, the clubs call book, and any other accounting necessary for the administration of the CGARC.

Board Members and Alternates: The Board Members and Alternates shall assist with the administration of the CGARC with any matter the Presidents requires. All of the above office holders shall be considered as voting members of the Board.

Membership Dues: There is no membership dues required for membership in the CGARC. However, donations or postage stamps sent to the President or Yeoman will be sincerely appreciated, and will be used solely to assist with administration costs. A list of donors will not be maintained.

Net Operations:  CW and SSB Net Managers conduct their weekly Nets employing their own procedures and practices. If a Net Manager is not able to conduct his/her Net, he/she will seek a replacement to conduct the Net on a temporary basis. These two Nets commence operating at 12 ET each Saturday, year round. All times are local; GMT is not recognized. (CW Net moves to Thursdays on 2 November 2008)

The SSB Net (W5CGC) operates on 14.3 MHz until 13 ET, then shifts to 14.327 MHz for additional check-ins, and lasts until there is no additional check-ins.

The CW Net (K7ZUT) keys QLH on 7.52 MHz and 14.52 MHz.

Meetings:  Meetings of the CGARC will be conducted by HF Net contacts, electronic mail (e-mail), or by any other means necessary. An in-person meeting of the membership is not necessary or required to conduct business, but personal visits are always welcome.

Coast Guard CW Operators Association:  A fraternal club, CGCWOA, maintains a monthly newsletter entitled Comm-One, which is of interest to many Coast Guardsmen and -women or anyone who has stood a CW watch.  For more details, contact NDLO/Andrew Scharf, JR.  2015 NW TAYLOR TOPEKA, KS 66608

Call Book: Information derived from an approved applicants membership form is inserted into the clubs call book in print form and copied to a CD, both of which may be purchased by contacting Rick McCusker, WF6O. The print form is bound within a soft cover.

The call book contains interesting information including several chapters on subjects of interest to all of our members. The chapters include a list of call signs, cutter histories, ACP-113 (Q and Z signals) for all you former RMs, TCs, ARMs, ALs, ATs), alphabetical list of all members, call sign lists of all members, and a complete list of all of the e-mail addresses available. The call book contains interesting information, irrespective of whether you served in aviation or general service. Additionally, you will be issued a Certificate of Membership, which is suitable for framing in your radio shack.

We have been able to reunite many of our members through the call book. In one such case, two Coast Guardsmen who served on the same ship during WW II were able to make contact.

Conclusion: The labor we have expended to make the CGARC the success it is has been amply rewarding to all of us, and we hope that all eligible Coast Guard men and women will join our club and talk to us on the air.

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