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The US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Nets

The US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net is held each Saturday at 1200 EDT / 0900 PDT on 14.300.0MHz, and the early net at 1100 EDT / 0800 PDT on 14.327.0MHz, USB voice. The net's charter is to provide an on the air meeting place for current and former Coast Guard men and women. A CW net is held at 1130 EDT / 0830 PDT on Thursday on 14.052.0MHz. The nets are affiliated with the USCG Amateur Radio Club and the Coast Guard CW Operators Association. The Net Manager and primary SSB voice net control station is Dick Anderson/KE7A, ZUT-1286, Southlake, Texas.. CW Net control is Fred Goodwin/K7LF, ZUT-702, Port Angeles, Washington,

The US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club


If you are currently serving on active duty or have served in the U.S. Coast Guard, regular or reserve, and have an amateur radio operator’s license, any class, you are eligible for free membership in the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club. (Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary are not eligible for membership.) If you meet these requirements and would like to join our group, please fill in the Information Sheet. Upon receipt, we will immediately post you to the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club’s call book, and the following Saturday on the Coast Guard SSB Net, you will be announced as a new member.

If you cannot remember the dates of your duty assignments, and cannot locate your discharge certificate(s) or the DD-214, your best guesstimate will be fine. Examples such as Spring of ’42, Fall of ’78, and so forth, could be a good indicator. Please do not use anything but the most common abbreviations—our membership expands over a wide variety of ages, and abbreviations understood by one group may be completely foreign to another. Let me also emphasize that you may use an entire page in the call book, so please spell out in detail your duty assignments, hobbies, interests, and so forth—the more information members add the better the call book becomes. We want everyone else to know all about you, as if there had been a long QSO between us. Quite a few of our members have found long lost shipmates through the call book.

There are no membership dues. Officers are elected for a one year term effect October 1 of each year.  Elections will be conducted via email during the month of September of each year. The Officers/board members meet annually. Club meetings are held weekly on the air. However there are no sea bag or dress uniform inspection, no field days, no paydays (sorry), no soggying down, no brass work to shine, and no free chow; but we have open gangway and you don’t have to show a liberty card. We are simply a group of Coasties who have furnished information that has been posted to our call book CD. When you hear one of us on the air, you can check the call book and know quite a bit about the person. Nothing really personal, though. We don’t ask new members to fetch a bucket of steam, or look out for the mail buoy.

Members of the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club rank from CAPT to a Seaman 2nd class who was an ET striker (called ETM in those days). Our members have served in aviation and in general service aboard white-, red-, yellow, and black-hulled cutters. RM/AL/AT/ET/TC/OC ratings are in the majority, but there are several pilots and a sprinkling of almost all CG ratings. Members are currently serving on active duty, retired and have served a few years or a few months. 

The call book is in PDF format on a CD ROM and contains an Index, 1Ø sections for the members in the 1Ø FCC Regions, plus 4 Appendixes of general Coast Guard/Ham information. One interesting appendix has information regarding each USCGC or USS that our members served on while they were on active USCG duty. With many USCGCs, you can trace commissioning to reconfiguration, reclassifying, decommissioning, and often, resale, renaming, and so forth. This appendix is largely the work of our club's historian, COMM-4 D R Peterson, Retired.

If you join our club and would like to have a copy of our call book, with you in it,  You can buy a CD-ROM version for $7.00. The call book is NEVER sold to anyone not a member of the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club. You DO NOT have to buy the call book to become a member, but, what the heck, you might find someone who shares an important hobby other than amateur radio, someone who lives near you, or someone you served with.

If you have further questions concerning the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club, please send an e-mail message to Rick McCusker/WF6O


Coast Guard CW Operators Association

The CG CW Operators Assn. is open to anyone who served in the US Coast Guard and was a CW radio operator and/or holds a ZUT Number.  For more information, please email -- ZETA UPSILON TAU - CW FOREVER!.