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In Memoriam - AD4PT

Updated  October 1, 222  1335 CDT



RMCS Donald Eugene Gardner USCG (Retired)
February 19, 1932 – March 8, 2010

Don Gardner, AD4PT was responsible for the establishment of the Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club. In 1990, Don sent out notices to be published in several Amateur Radio publications as well as retiree publications of the Coast Guard looking for information from Hams who also served in the Coast Guard. Some schedules were made by mail and Don started having QSO’s with those who responded. Dennis Shirrel, K7DCG helped the effort by spreading the word through his CG friends. Washington Radio had a club station, K4CG and sent out a packet bulletin seeking others who served and were interested. Dick Anderson, KE7A and Ernie Garcia, W4EG responded to this bulletin. K4CG was able to obtain permission to use 14.300 MHz from the Maritime Mobile Net. Dick placed a notice in QST announcing the net on 14.300MHz. Don read that notice and contacted Dick asking for permission to come up on the net to promote his efforts to form the club. Don had taken it upon himself to start keeping records of all of the members of this new club. It was his idea to format the book in a similar fashion to what you now see. Don also would arrange to print and send a copy to all who ordered one.

Thank You, Don for setting the standard by which this club operates... May you have fair winds, following seas and no QRN/QRM wherever you sail on your journey in Heaven.