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Pictured is a piece of history. Part of the recently disassembled 500 kHz distress frequency receiving antenna
that stood in place and served on watch for over 60 years at the US Coast Guard Communications Station
Honolulu - NMO. Together with many generations of US Coast Guard Radiomen this feed point
insulator stood a continuous vigil over many decades always listening, never failing, and
"Always Ready" to hear and put into motion a Coast Guard lifesaving response across the large expanse
of Pacific Ocean.


USCG Amateur Radio SSB Pre-Net - Saturday 1100 EDT/0800 PDT 14.327 mHz
USCG Amateur Radio Primary SSB Net - Saturday 1200 EDT/0900 PDT 14.300 mHz
USCG Amateur Radio SSB Post-Net - Saturday 1300 EDT/1000 PDT 14.327 mHz
USCG CW Operators Assn ZUT Net - Thursday 1130 EDT/0830 PDT 14.052 mHz


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He is a 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer and mascot for the USCG Amateur Radio Net. He likes to sit in the Captain's Chair during the net.

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